Monday, July 20, 2015

Unit 2 Choice 4: Matthew 26:36–27:50; John 19:26–30. His Concern for Others

1. Christ told the other man on the cross that he would go to paradise.  This paradise is where He would be able to be in the Spirit world with other spirits. He would have the opportunity to learn more of Christ and to come unto Him. He is once of those who has an opportunity to accept the gospel.

2. Christ made so that all could have a chance to learn of Him and have a chance to repent. Because He was crucified and rose again so will we and He taught those in spirit prison. That work is still being done and now we do temple work for those who have passed and they can choose to accept those ordinances.

3. Individuals Christ was compassionate towards in His last hours before crucifixion:
The 12 disciples who slept while He was suffering in Gethsemane, He told them to sleep on...
Judas as he brought soldiers to take Christ away, he called Judas 'friend'
Those who wanted Him crucified, "Forgive them, for they know not what they do"
His mother---made sure she had someone to take care of her, some family.

4. How these scriptures reveal something about Christ's character and His divine nature:
Matthew 27:47  He felt completely alone, more alone than any of us ever have to feel.
Luke 23:34   He loves everyone and didn't want anyone to have to be responsible for what had to be done.
Luke 23:43   He still wanted to comfort everyone and was happy that He would be able to teach this man once they both passed.
Luke 23:46   He submitted His will with the Father's, there will was one.
John 19: 26-27  He is compassionate and cares for those around Him, making sure they are taken care of.
John 19:28  He wanted to have one last taste of something before He died, though He would live again.
John 19:30 He is calm and humble. He was exhausted and finished, but did not become angry.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Unit 2 Choice 2 John 14:15-17, 26-27 15:26-27 16:7-8, 13-14 The Savior's Instructions about the Holy Ghost

What the Savior taught about what the Holy Ghost does and what disciples must do to receive the Holy Ghost:
John 14:15-17  Keep the commandments, He comforts, dwells within you
John 14:26-27  teaches all, reminds of things, gives peace
John 15:26-27  Testifies of Christ, We must bear witness
John 16:7-8      reprimands the world of sin
John 16:13-14  Guide into truth, Glorify God

Will not leave us comfortless, If we seek to do good we will have that Holy Spirit with us.
President Gordon B. Hinckley (1910–2008) taught:
“The Holy Ghost is the Testifier of Truth, who can teach men things they cannot teach one another. … Moroni [declared], ‘And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things’ 
The Holy Ghost helped the apostles after Christ's death and resurrection to fulfill their missions. He taught them and helped them to recognize what was needful and what was not. 
The Holy Ghost has definitely been there for me in all times of trials and struggles. In the beginning of High School my favorite uncle was having many health issues and there came a day that was very scary that we did not know what was going to happen to him. I prayed so fervently that afternoon after school and I began to fast. I cried a lot, but I felt immediate peace. I remember the next day at school as I was ending my fast near the end of the day. I was looking up at the clock and just pondering/praying, hoping that I would be able to hear some good news when I got home. I had so much peace and reassurance that things would work out. Of course the journey is not easy when certain things happen, but we can have peace and feel the Savior near. 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Unit 1 Choice 3 Mark 14:3-9 Matthew 26:6-13 The Savior Anointed

What reason is given for why the woman anointed Christ with "very precious" or costly ointment? What does Mark 14:8 imply that she understood?
She is doing all that she can to express her love to the Savior.  That verse specifically calls out that she is anointing Him in preparation for His burial, as though she actually recognizes that there is little time left and that He will be killed. 
Why did some of the disciples feel indignant and call her actions a "waste"?
They had not yet come to an understanding of what Christ was preparing them for and that He would not be with them much longer. They had been learning and seeing that it is important to care for the poor and that is where Christ always turned to and they didn't want to feel like they were doing something wrong. 

The woman gave of probably her most expensive thing, sacrificing all for the Savior. She gave freely and is an example to us as we should recognize that we can too give all that we have to come closer to our Savior, to show our love and devotion. The things that I could give the Lord now aren't so tangible, because He does not come to my house in the flesh, but others do. We should treat all of our neighbors with graciousness and serve with all of our resources. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Unit 2, Choice 2 Mark 13; Luke 21:5-38; Joseph Smith---Matthew Preparing for the Savior's Second Coming

mark 13     3 Things that believers could watch for to be prepared to meet the Lord:
Stand up for the truths that you know: bearing testimony wherever you go.
Pray always
Watch---be prepared everyday. Recognize the turmoil in the world and cling to the Iron rod.

More truths about preparing for the Second coming:
D&C 87:8  Stand in Holy Places
JS-Matthew 1:32  Watch for the signs of the Second Coming
JS-Matthew 1:37  Read the scriptures and hold them as treasures
JS-Matthew 1:46-50   Do good continually
D&C 33:17   Be Faithful and Pray--Have your testimony ready
D&C 45:56-57   Be wise and follow promptings of the Holy Ghost

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Unit 1, choice 1 The Last Week of the Savior's Mortal Ministry

Day 1--

Christ entered Jerusalem and declared that He was the Messiah.
He told what the 2 greatest commandments were.
In Bethany, Christ's feet are anointed by Mary.

Day 2--

Christ cleanses the Temple.

Day 3--

People confront Christ and try to trick Him with questions. He teaches by parables and angers some men--Seek to take His life.

Day 4--

This day is unknown

Day 5--

The Last Supper
The first Sacrament
Christ's washes the feet of Apostles
Garden of Gethsemane

Day 6

Charges against Christ.
Pilate fears the people so sentences Him to death
Christ is hung on the cross

Day 7

His body is in the Tomb
Christ is doing work with Heavenly Father

Day of Resurrection

Christ is not found in the Tomb
He comes to Mary and says He is Risen.
He has Risen, not yet ascended to the Father

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Unit 2, choice 2 major principles the Lord wants us to understand from parables.

Luke 16:1-12    We need to have an eternal perspective and do all that we can to have things set right and how we wish them to be for when we no longer have time to work here on Earth. Since we know of eternity, we should be looking forward to that and preparing with that in mind. Our worldly riches will in the end benefit/profit us nothing.

Luke 16:19-31   Are we all not beggars? It is important to always have humility in our hearts. We don't know people's stories and that shouldn't even matter. We are all on a long journey, fighting an uphill battle. The Savior opened the way for all to come unto Him, no matter the timing. Those in "hell" or spirit prison are able to be visited by those in paradise or "Heaven". They can be taught and still repent. Vicarious work is done in the temple so that they can accept those ordinances still.

Luke 17:11-19   We need to give thanks where it is needed. There are blessings abounding in our lives and we need to recognize the hand of the Lord. If we are able to be thankful for things and have Faith and a heart of thanksgiving, we can begin to become "whole". There is more than just healing, the one Leper had the faith to become whole.

Luke 18:1-8    As we come unto Heavenly Father in prayer and communicate with Him, He will take the time to help us through our trials and all that we ask. We should not give up hope or stop moving forward on the path we are on. If we continue on in faith, we will be commended. Through persistence, even someone previously unwilling will come to aid. The Lord wants to help us and loves us. It will be given: Knock and ye shall receive.

Luke 18:9-14   We should not be prideful. We are all sinners in God's eyes, and rightfully so. As we come humbly to our Father in prayer, we will gain perspective and be able to increase our strengthens and strengthen our weaknesses.