Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Unit 2 Choice 3: John 2. Water to Wine and Cleansing the Temple

John 2: 1-22

What impressed you most about the miracle found in John 2: 1-11?  This miracle was quite simple, but it made a statement and opened the way for Christ to perform more miracles and to have people's eyes opened to who He was. 

How does the institute student manual help in understanding why Jesus Christ would refer to His mother as "woman"?  The institute manual makes clear that Christ was being humble and honoring His mother. In other translations of the same section of the bible, it seems to us to be more of this nature. To use the term 'woman' was of high respect, though today for a son to say that seems improper. Christ used the same kind of wording as He was on the cross. 

In what ways are Jesus Christ's actions in John 2: 13-16 symbolic of what He desires of each of us?
In this passage, Christ is driving out the business that is happening in the temple. I think that it is symbolic of our souls. We should not let unclean and impure things enter our hearts, minds, bodies, etc. We need to be clean and be ready to serve the Lord, not letting anything interfere with the Spirit that should dwell within us. 

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