Friday, February 13, 2015

Between Husband and Wife!

        The Family: A Proclamation to the World states, "...We further declare that God has commanded that the sacred powers of procreation are to be employed only between man and woman, lawfully wedded as husband and wife."
        David A. Bednar has said, "The natures of male and female spirits complete and perfect each other, and therefore men and women are intended to progress together toward exaltation."    I want to start off by saying, youth, don't be afraid to ask your parents any questions that you have. Yeah, they may freak out or act weird, but that is because they know the previous two statements to be true and something that close to their heart and serious is something hard to discuss with a son or daughter who they know is getting different messages everywhere they turn. To parents, don't freak out. Answer your children's questions matter of factly, share your testimony, let them know that they can ask you what they want. Don't turn it around on them and push for your own answers. It takes a little leap of faith for them to talk to you at all about these things.
       Let me tell you something. Intimacy is so important. And it is so important that it be reserved for your spouse. Intimacy includes the Lord and if you don't save those feelings for the person that you are to spend the rest of your life and the rest of eternity with, it may be tainted. It will be tainted. You can't take it back. You can move forward, with the help of the Lord and through his atoning sacrifice, but why don't we try to skip the heartache?  
(More people wait than you think!)
 The Psychological Case For Chastity
     In the world today we are constantly hearing things about sexual fulfillment and it is an obsession, a very ridiculous obsession. No one needs to be sexually fulfilled. So, reading the above linked article will help you to understand this.
   Intimacy in marriage is something that helps to fill in gaps and strengthen all aspects of the marriage. Three main things that come through intimacy in marriage are connection with God, strengthening bonds, and procreation. President Spencer W. Kimball has said, "There is nothing unholy or degrading about sexuality in itself, for by that means men and women an expression of love".  Youth feel as though they are constantly taught that sexuality and intimacy are bad, wrong, immoral, and just something that is horrid. It is not true, but it is something that cannot and should not ever be tampered with or experimented in anyway, before you have the right to it. You do not have the right to it until you are married. I know that relationships happen and you feel like this is the person you want to be with forever. You have discussed it and there is no way anything will come between you. So, why not? Because, you are not his and he is not your until you are married. I tell you that the pain and sorrow that can come from that kind of thinking, with no reserve is indescribable and is not something you have to go through. The above article discusses this. Sexuality is for between a husband and wife, because if there is intimacy in any other relationship, the relationship is not standing and leaning on the right things. When troubles come, things can't and won't be discussed properly, because the relationship is full of lust and self-gratification. Don't go there.
    Here is a video that I found and she answers a lot of questions very candidly. It is great. Stand strong in your faith and don't follow others. They won't be there later on.

(In regard to Chapter 5 of the text, "Successful Marriages and Families: Proclamation Principles and Research Perspectives")

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