Thursday, July 7, 2016

Faml300-03 Counsel Together

              Marriage is a partnership. I love this pure and simple fact. One great reason for marriage is that you have someone to counsel with and to help make decisions. My husband and I counsel together on many things. I love how my perspective can change, not because he tells me what to think, but through discussion I am able to understand things more fully and come to a better conclusion than I would on my own.
            In the LDS church there are many councils formed and within these they counsel together to be able to reach the Lord's desire on all things. In the home a council of marriage partners is necessary to seek and find the Lord's will for the family. Parents get to discuss and work together on raising their children and on how to run their home.
           This is a blessing to me, as I am able to be an equal partner with my husband. We come together to make decisions and to share information, then we are able to go about our different responsibilities with the support of the other. Though husband and wife have different responsibilities, all of those responsibilities are equal and necessary. I am grateful for the blessing of being married, having a partner to sift through the messes of life with. Counseling together is important in good times, in bad times, in struggles, in triumphs, and all the time and in every situation.

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