Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Unit 1, choice 1 The Last Week of the Savior's Mortal Ministry

Day 1--

Christ entered Jerusalem and declared that He was the Messiah.
He told what the 2 greatest commandments were.
In Bethany, Christ's feet are anointed by Mary.

Day 2--

Christ cleanses the Temple.

Day 3--

People confront Christ and try to trick Him with questions. He teaches by parables and angers some men--Seek to take His life.

Day 4--

This day is unknown

Day 5--

The Last Supper
The first Sacrament
Christ's washes the feet of Apostles
Garden of Gethsemane

Day 6

Charges against Christ.
Pilate fears the people so sentences Him to death
Christ is hung on the cross

Day 7

His body is in the Tomb
Christ is doing work with Heavenly Father

Day of Resurrection

Christ is not found in the Tomb
He comes to Mary and says He is Risen.
He has Risen, not yet ascended to the Father

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