Monday, July 20, 2015

Unit 2 Choice 4: Matthew 26:36–27:50; John 19:26–30. His Concern for Others

1. Christ told the other man on the cross that he would go to paradise.  This paradise is where He would be able to be in the Spirit world with other spirits. He would have the opportunity to learn more of Christ and to come unto Him. He is once of those who has an opportunity to accept the gospel.

2. Christ made so that all could have a chance to learn of Him and have a chance to repent. Because He was crucified and rose again so will we and He taught those in spirit prison. That work is still being done and now we do temple work for those who have passed and they can choose to accept those ordinances.

3. Individuals Christ was compassionate towards in His last hours before crucifixion:
The 12 disciples who slept while He was suffering in Gethsemane, He told them to sleep on...
Judas as he brought soldiers to take Christ away, he called Judas 'friend'
Those who wanted Him crucified, "Forgive them, for they know not what they do"
His mother---made sure she had someone to take care of her, some family.

4. How these scriptures reveal something about Christ's character and His divine nature:
Matthew 27:47  He felt completely alone, more alone than any of us ever have to feel.
Luke 23:34   He loves everyone and didn't want anyone to have to be responsible for what had to be done.
Luke 23:43   He still wanted to comfort everyone and was happy that He would be able to teach this man once they both passed.
Luke 23:46   He submitted His will with the Father's, there will was one.
John 19: 26-27  He is compassionate and cares for those around Him, making sure they are taken care of.
John 19:28  He wanted to have one last taste of something before He died, though He would live again.
John 19:30 He is calm and humble. He was exhausted and finished, but did not become angry.

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