Thursday, July 2, 2015

Unit 2, choice 2 major principles the Lord wants us to understand from parables.

Luke 16:1-12    We need to have an eternal perspective and do all that we can to have things set right and how we wish them to be for when we no longer have time to work here on Earth. Since we know of eternity, we should be looking forward to that and preparing with that in mind. Our worldly riches will in the end benefit/profit us nothing.

Luke 16:19-31   Are we all not beggars? It is important to always have humility in our hearts. We don't know people's stories and that shouldn't even matter. We are all on a long journey, fighting an uphill battle. The Savior opened the way for all to come unto Him, no matter the timing. Those in "hell" or spirit prison are able to be visited by those in paradise or "Heaven". They can be taught and still repent. Vicarious work is done in the temple so that they can accept those ordinances still.

Luke 17:11-19   We need to give thanks where it is needed. There are blessings abounding in our lives and we need to recognize the hand of the Lord. If we are able to be thankful for things and have Faith and a heart of thanksgiving, we can begin to become "whole". There is more than just healing, the one Leper had the faith to become whole.

Luke 18:1-8    As we come unto Heavenly Father in prayer and communicate with Him, He will take the time to help us through our trials and all that we ask. We should not give up hope or stop moving forward on the path we are on. If we continue on in faith, we will be commended. Through persistence, even someone previously unwilling will come to aid. The Lord wants to help us and loves us. It will be given: Knock and ye shall receive.

Luke 18:9-14   We should not be prideful. We are all sinners in God's eyes, and rightfully so. As we come humbly to our Father in prayer, we will gain perspective and be able to increase our strengthens and strengthen our weaknesses.

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